FloX 24, owned by @NINAnature and installed at the @ICOS station in Adventdalen (Svalbard), was successfully collecting data through all the summer! The effect of the warmer season is well evident even at these high latitudes.
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#articclimate #climatechange

New paper out in Journal of Applied Remote Sensing! The new design and performance of the JB cosine receptors is finally out!

Watch out the video of @Onno_Muller from @IBG2Plant of the new automatic FieldSnake in action mounting a #FloX on top of it!

#SIF #precision #farming

A RoX from #DISAT @unimib is now preparing for its mission in #Antarctica. JB-105-LF already traveled the Baltic sea up to Svalbard and Caribbean. It is now ready for its installation on #CNR icebreaker Laura Bassi. We'll keep you updated from the South Pole.

The new paper from @christiaan_tol developing a smart #SIF retrieval for ground based instruments is out on Remote Sensing of Environment! Tested using long time series of FloX at 100 meters tall tower at #OHP (France)
Have a look here:



The @ESA DEFLOX project officially kicked off at @unimib. The team, composed by JB, @FMIclimate, @MPI_BGC, @unimib, FCS, @FacultyITC, will work together to find out how #SIF is reabsorbed by Oxygen and think about #FLEX mission data validation activities. Thanks all for coming!

Happy to play with our new toy: the new #CNC machine just arrived. It should give us much more accuracy in creating many components we need for continuing our manufacturing of scientific instruments!

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