Research never stops - We installed a #FloX #solarinducedfluroescence sensor from @JBHyperspectral. Two days of heavy rain, snow, and high winds at the top of the Turkey Point Old White Pine #fluxtower. Thanks Altaf Arain at #McMaster & Aravind from #ensmingerlab at #UTMBiology!

As a JB tradition, all interns have to create a bee house. Marc, at the end of his internship, created this artwork! The Bee Hotel is waiting for some guests in front of JB HQ.


Testing a new powerful heating system for keeping #FloX instruments warm in very cold areas.


We are happy to announce that @JBHyperspectral has a new distributor taking care of sales in India: Nanotek Instruments.
Looking forward to this new collaboration!

Was nice to make a #FloX maintenance at @ICOS_RI site of San Rossore, managed by JRC of the @EU_Commission. The view was stunning but we were not expecting such a cold wind! PTU is now working again and measuring #SIF with different view angles in this super nice pine canopy!


FloX 26 from @unimib is now back in action at @ILRI site in Kapiti (Kenya) for #SIF and #reflectance long term monitoring within HyRELIEF @esa project. @giulitagl enjoying the installation, in an extremely dry #Savannah in between Zebras


Using RoX as transfer instrument is promising to bridge information and merge data from multiple #multispectral sensors. This article shows the use-case by #calibrating and #validating reflectance from four different sensors and correcting for continous changes in irradiance

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