The new JB calibration facility

In the past year, the increasing number of manufactured instruments raised the demands for an optimized production chain with specialized facilities. Teaming up with a young designer a customized and transportable transformation of used shipping containers was envisioned. Two 6 m long sea freight containers were completely reworked including insulation, electricity to create a decent working atmosphere.


Ultra-bright yet highly efficient LED lighting enables almost daylight brightness levels. Further, filter and ventilation systems achieve clean environments always monitored by in-house developed surveillance sensors. These robust and sealed compartments allow a closed and clean working environment for the future production and development demands. Based on this, we installed an optical lab for characterization and calibration. Featuring a large integrating sphere, spectral emission lamps and a completely black furniture and wall painting, all calibration and characterization tasks are available in-house from now on, speeding up delivery time significantly.


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