JB Hyperspectral Devices is a start-up company founded in 2016 and based in Düsseldorf, Germany.

The prime focus of our work is the design and production of advanced hyperspectral field instruments. Our business is devoted to providing researchers with an avenue for the reliable, accurate and long-term measurement of sun-induced-fluorescence.

Other environmental variables that JB´s systems have been used to monitor include water quality, snow optical properties and plant phenology.

Aside the manufacturing, an established international collaboration with universities, research centres and space agencies, constantly expanding our portfolio by facing new frontiers in the development of technology and applications.


Jb Hyperspectral Team Andreas Burkart

Andreas Burkart


As a versatile scientist and head of the Research & Development team, Andreas Burkart’s expertise ties together multiple fields, ranging from plant research to applied remote sensing and technological development.

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Jb Hyperspectral Team Tommaso Julitta

Tommaso Julitta


As the managing director, Tommaso Julitta leads the company through close customer contact, field maintenance trips and the supervision of data processing, whilst simultaneously paving the path for the future visions of JB.

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Paul Näthe

Master of Science

Bringing together a broad technological background and a passion for scientific puzzles, Paul Näthe leads technical deployments in the field, as well as instrument-assembly and the development of prototypes.

Jb Hyperspectral Team: Miro, Head of Production


Head of Production

Heading production, Miro brings his expertise in the assembly of fine electronics together with high-grade craftmanship to assemble instruments of outstanding quality and performance.

Phillip Schlicht


With his fresh and young energy, Philip controls the accounting and business devlopment of the company balance.

Mike Delaney

Data Scientist and UAVS Operator

Within the EIP-Project OPTIKO Mike is not only operating the drones and spectral sensors, but also taking care of the full data processing chain.

Mitchell Kennedy

FloX and RoX manufacturer

With his energy and precision, Mitch is now taking care of the manufacturing and assembling of JB devices.

Benjamin Stutte

IT expert

No informatics secrets for him. With careful attention he is managing and troubleshooting questions related to Operating systems and more and also gently assisting customers when needed

Andrea De Sanctis

Social media manager

With his scientific background in environmental sciences and his positive and friendly attitude Andrea is taking care of JB twitter profile always finding for interesting news to present


JB Hyperspectral Devices expertise is not limited to our permanent staff. To cover all of our customer needs, we have a team of professional collaborators that support special projects with their unique capabilities.

Kai Wittneben

UAV Development and Deployment

Thomas Burkart

High Level Computer Aided Design

Our customers

We want to thank our customers for helping us to constantly improve instrument-performance and for joining us in facing new technological challenges together.


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Comparing the diurnal and seasonal dynamics in chlorophyll fluorescence and xanthophyll cycle, associated with photosynthetic function for two vastly different canopies

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